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How to delete all emails at once on Gmail?-Tips and tricks at a glance!


Are you a long term Gmail user? If yes, that three or four-digit number at the Gmail icon’s top corner may not be alien to you. Looking at it really distresses me at some times. Maybe you did not subscribe to those all different mailing lists. Yet you get them, right? So, it is fated to have a cluttered Gmail account at some point. Do you want to get rid of that clutter? Have you tried deleting your emails one by one? That is not a practical task when you have hundreds in your inbox. How to delete all emails at once on Gmail, is our question today. Let us find the proper answers.

How to delete all emails at once on Gmail to get rid of inbox clutter?

Gmail is a very convenient interface that is helpful in making your life easier. It is simple and user friendly. But when you use that one account for all your sign-ups, subscriptions, mailing, etc. controlling your inbox becomes hectic. You need some tricks to apply on questions like; how to delete all emails at once on Gmail. When considering how to delete emails in Gmail, it is essential to be cautious as you might delete important stuff too. Therefore go through this article carefully to fully understand the process of de-cluttering your Gmail inbox. This process varies in your Windows PC, iOS Gmail app, or Android Gmail app. We will see into those different procedures as well.

It is essential to select important messages out of the inbox. The inbox is too messy with unwanted emails; it is not an easy task to do. As this interface developers know about this cluttering, they have incorporated many deletion options in Gmail. These options allow you to take control when answering the big question; how to delete all emails on Gmail. We hope that this reading will be useful in rearranging your Gmail inbox with important stuff only.

How does Gmail storage work?


Gmail offers a huge pooled storage portion to each of its users. When you do not know the basic ticktacks and options in Gmail, this large storage can make you lost and wonder. When you create a Gmail account, the free storage it provides is not just only for Gmail emails. This storage is shared with other Google interfaces like Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Docs, and many more digital assets. When you go to the bottom of the Gmail inbox, you’ll see how much storage is used at that moment. If you click ‘Manage’ just below the numbers, you will a more detailed visual of your usage habits. So, when you are running nearly out of storage, you have to make more free storage gradually. There you will need to know how to delete emails in Gmail. This frees up your Gmail storage as well as manages your inbox correctly.

Deleting all emails at once on Gmail

We will see how to delete all emails at once on Gmail under this sub-topic. In the following topics, we will see how to delete all emails sent from particular senders and newsletters. Go through the below steps to delete all emails at once in the Gmail inbox.

  1. Select all emails

Open your email account and go to the inbox. There is a tick box at the top left-hand corner of the inbox interface. Click on that.


Then you will get a message popping up in the middle. It says,

‘All (number) conversations on this page are selected. Select all (number) conversations in Primary’


This first number is usually 50 per page. To delete all emails at once in Gmail, click ‘select all (number) conversations in Primary’ in the above message


2. Delete all

After selecting all emails, then click on the Trash icon on the tools menu, which looks like a trash bin.


This will delete all emails at once in your primary inbox. However, Gmail is giving you a second chance immediately to retrieve back the deleted emails. You will see a message with a linked ‘undo’ option. If you click that immediately after deleting the emails, they will come back to the inbox. And also, these deleted emails will sit at your Trash can for 30 days before getting deleted permanently from your inbox. You can go into the trash can and bring any needed email back to your inbox within this grace period.

So emptying your whole inbox is not a very difficult task. It takes only a few simple steps. Now we will see how to delete all emails on Gmail sent from a certain sender.

How to delete all emails on Gmail using search criteria?

Gmail interface has the search bar at the top of the interface, and that is a very valuable tool when we are using Gmail. When your email inbox gets filled with emails from certain senders, you can delete all those in one go. Use the search bar to select the email deletion criteria. Click on the magnifying glass to open the advanced search dialog box. Change ‘All Mail’ to ‘inbox’ at the top of the advanced search box to delete only emails in the inbox. Otherwise, you will delete all emails in the folders other than in the inbox. Then you can type the relevant words at relevant boxes to search the relevant conversations. For example, if you type ‘Google’ in the ‘from’ section and press search, then all the emails from Google will be visible. If you want to delete them all, then tick on the top corner box to select all and press the trash can icon.

We need this same option to delete all emails on Gmail sent from a certain sender too. Similarly, you can type an email address of that particular sender in the search bar. And then you will see all the emails from that sender. When you want to get rid of your previous office coworkers’ emails ‘this will come in handy. As we discussed before, Gmail gives another chance to undo your deletion process if you deleted something accidentally.

How to delete all Promotional emails in Gmail at once?

Apart from your inbox, there are predefined tabs in Gmail named Promotions and Social tabs. Promotion tab, most of the time, includes all those least important emails. It will have emails from,

  • Newsletters
  • Merchant promotions
  • Daily deals and coupons
  • Announcements of products
  • Webinar Reminders

To delete unnecessary promotional emails, go to Gmail’s Promotions tab. There you will see emails which you don’t need to receive anymore. Open such emails and unsubscribe yourself from those sites. That will reduce future inbox clutter too at the same time. Select whether there are useful promotional emails. Move them into a new folder. To delete all the remaining emails under the promotions, tick the checkbox and press the Trash icon. If you have multiple promotions pages, then you will get a message. From there ‘select all conversations’ with the number. Now you are clear.

How to delete emails by Status in Gmail at once?

Now we will see the process of deleting emails by the status of the email. We sometimes do not need to delete all emails at once. Gmail has this option of selecting your emails by its status. By now, you must have noticed the dropdown icon beside that checkbox in the left-upper corner. Click on that to see the different email status provided by Gmail developers. It includes,

  • All
  • None
  • Read
  • Unread
  • Starred
  • Unstarred

This is a very user-friendly option when de-cluttering your inbox in easy steps while keeping the necessary stuff. From that list, you can select any option given depending on your requirements. For example, if you ‘star’ your important emails as a practice when you read and want to keep them do this. Clicking ‘unstarred’ will select only emails without stars. When you mass delete ‘unstarred,’ the stared important emails will remain in your inbox. This is a very thoughtful and handy feature.

You can delete emails based on their size too!

Yes, this is possible; especially, this comes handy when you want to make some space in your storage. Go to your inbox and then in the search bar, type ‘large:(file size)’; as an example, large:15M. Then you will see emails having content larger than 15mb. Download the necessary stuff into a hard drive and select ones that you don’t want any more. Then press the delete icon. That’s how it is done! Simple, right?

How to delete all emails in Gmail at once on your iPhone? – Mail app vs. Gmail app

gmail on iphone
Gmail on iphone

iPhone Mailbox is easy and simple to use. You can include your Gmail account in the Mail app and manage your emails easily. Follow these steps to delete all emails at once in your Gmail inbox.

  1. Open Mail and select Gmail account
  2. Go to inbox
  3. In the upper-right corner, you have the Edit option. Tap on it.
  4. Then you can click on ‘Select All’ in the upper-left corner to select all emails in Gmail. Without pressing that, you can manually choose emails too to delete.
  5. Then click on ‘trash,’ or if you don’t see that, then click ‘Move’ and select ‘Bin.’

Tip: A quick shake of your device will quickly undo your deletion!

However, if you use the Gmail app on your iPhone, the process is not the same as above. Sadly, unlike the Mail app, the Gmail app for iOS does not include many features. They do not give a ‘select all’ option in the Gmail app when using it on the iPhone. You either have to delete one by one manually or select a multiple to delete. When you have a three or four-digit number of emails in the cluttered inbox, this is not practical to do. In this case, you must go back to the web browser or the Mail app to delete all emails at once.

How to delete all emails in Gmail at once on your Android Device?

gmail on android
Gmail on android

Same like iOS in iPhone, the Android Gmail app also has no option to select all emails at once for deletion. You have to choose emails manually one by one. However, if you create a folder and move a bulk of emails to that folder, then you can delete that folder at once. Then all those emails in that folder get deleted too. This is also not practical if you want to know how to delete all emails at once on Gmail. You have the option to go through a web browser on the phone to access all features offered by the Gmail interface.

The Bottom Line

We hope that you get a very detailed answer to your question, how to delete all emails at once on Gmail. The steps are not difficult, but you need to go through different steps to fulfill your requirements. With all these versatile features, you will no longer own a cluttered Gmail inbox. Those daily newsletters, deals, and coupons will not jumble with your important emails if you follow our instructions. De-cluttering indeed is relieving your working stress. It is true that the Gmail app on your iPhone or Android phone does not include all these effective deletion options in it. Still, you have the web browsers, which will help you to manage this bulk email deletion process. It will be peaceful to see a one-digit notification on the upper corner of the Gmail icon. With all these detailed descriptions, you can maintain a well-organized Gmail inbox that will make your life much more comfortable. 


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